The XNT Games Conserving the World's Precious Resources through Gaming and Education
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A 3D interactive, immersive, simulation game using virtual reality and cloud computing technology. GreenXity can serve as an educational platform to help teenagers to learn and explore latest green practices and technologies and have fun while doing so.

The game features a school and a resource centre providing various green and recycle technologies. Users can use these technologies along with their creativity and knowledge to customize and design their unique sustainable campus. The uniqueness of GreenXity is that – it allows users to extend their learning beyond the classroom and experiment their innovations in the virtual environment. Users can adopt what they learn from GreenXity to adapt a green, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

GreenXity has been adopted as the core 3D game platform in a government supported, territory wide, Low Carbon School Design Competition in Hong Kong. It creates a 3D world where players can employ different green technologies with scarce resources to build their dream low carbon schools.

Cloud platform is provided by Cyberport Hong Kong.