Lion Dance Jr. 開心舞獅 Play Now and Become a Kung Fu Master
  • FREE for NGOs If you are an NGO that cares the kids, the elderly, the challenged and the needed, and are interested in bringing this unique gaming experience to your members to learn authentic Chinese martial arts, please feel free to Contact Us to obtain your free copy.

Lion Dance Jr. uses the kinect technology to compare users motions. The screen will display a series of actions for players to perform and there will be a 3D model playing out the correct motion. User can compare their moves with the model to learn authentic lion dance moves.

World's First Motion Sensing Lion Dancing Game

Lion Dance Jr., the world first motion sensing lion dance game, resembles the traditional Chinese Lion Dance through kinect technology. Lion dance is a series of games that is designed for different age groups and the Jr. version is designed specifically as a digital inclusion project allowing the players to exercise in a healthy and exciting way. Players can learn Kung-Fu through imitating authentic lion dance moves as performed by a virtual 3D dancing lion inside the game.

Lion Dance by XNT

The various unique features make Lion Dance Jr. a perfect title that can be use in social centres and home. The specialized game play, the authentic lion dance moves and drum beats make it a unique and innovative game in the market that is designed in particular for the needy groups. Share the happiness and excitement with your family and friends and share our love to the needy in the society.