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You Dumb? I Dump! 2

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The sequel to the award winning game “you dumb I dump”, “You Dumb I Dump 2” has come back with more features. Test your math standards in 8 different lessons. Story: Dumb Dumb College is at the verge of closing down. Their teachers have resigned and left along with their brightest students. Player acts as a fresh-graduate teacher who comes to teach at the Dumb Dumb College. Will he be able to turn the tide?

Two different game modes: Earn money to upgrade facilities of the school that gives you extra bonus in the practice mode. Earn reputation points to upgrade your school level in the exam mode. More facilities is available once your school is level up.

Game play: Students will answer their questions according to the type of lessons (Plus+, minus-, multiply x, divide /). A thinking bubble will appear upon them. Throw the duster to break the bubble if the answer is wrong or leave it be if it is correct. Player has 5 chances on each stage for mistakes. There will also be a “???” bubble that allows the player to use a special ability that would easy the game play.

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