A Handy Tool for BEAM Plus Evaluation



iValutare is a mobile application tailored for BEAM Professionals, BEAM Faculties and BEAM Assessors, developers, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants as a quick and handy evaluation tool to manage their green building projects in Hong Kong.

iValutare provides a user-friendly interface for mobile management of BEAM Plus projects – anytime, anywhere in the world. iValutare can be used to keep track of overall project ratings, quickly retrieve summary information for clients, collaborate with team members – all at the same time on a single device.


The Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) is a significant private sector initiative in Hong Kong to promote buildings that are more sustainable, through enhanced design, construction, commissioning, management, and operation and maintenance practices. BEAM 2009 (now referred as "BEAM Plus") has been developed and owned by the BEAM Society (now "BEAM Society Limited").

This mobile application, iValutare, has been inspired, designed and reviewed by a group of leading international environmental consultants, comprising a key member who has actively contributed to the development of "BEAM Plus".